Friday, September 19, 2014


Is love not the strangest thing? It’s not a thing. It’s an emotion, and action, a thought. I think its a  state of being. Pregnancy has made me realize that love stronger than ever. I really lived a lot of my early life trying to keep people at a distance. I did that at first with my Bryson whom I love so much it hurts and she’s not even born yet. The fear of losing love is a hard ache to take just as much as the heart ache itself. When I watch movies where spouses die, my chest just aches with their imaginary pain. I love my husband so much. I truly don’t know where I’d be without him. My livegroovelove life has come from being with him. We complete each other and make each other the good people we are. individually there are many things that are negative about us, but together we have it all. I know that he helped and helps me daily to live my life without worry and to trust that though I can’t see the plan, everything will be all right.  Just my thoughts right now. I am excited to feel love for this baby once she’s born. If it feels so good now, it must be incredible once she’s in my arms.

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