Friday, March 4, 2016

Round two!

It looks like Bryson is going to be a big sister! We weren't actively trying to have another baby, but I suppose we weren't trying very hard not to. I guess I just didn't expect it, but here we go. Bryson will be 14 months old tomorrow and I am almost 9 weeks pregnant. She will be 21 months older than her sibling if the due date is correct. Currently, Baby 2 is due October 9. I can't wait to start on this journey again. 

So many little details about pregnancy had left my mind since I haven't experienced the early stages of pregnancy in nearly 2 years. Like my aching tailbone. Totally forgot about that. The mind is such a crazy thing. I thought I would have every memory stuck in my mind like cement, but it is more like they are buried in a dusty library. Slowly, one by one, they are being uncovered and brushed off and brought to the surface again. My boobs had just recovered from breastfeeding and they are swelling up again. I had so looked forward to sleeping on my stomach since I don't have to worry about milk leaks... and here comes the heartburn that makes me need to stay upright.  

Really, I didn't feel bad with Bryson at all. I was pretty cocky about it. I thought I was a super woman because I wasn't tired, wasn't nauseous, wasn't anything but myself with less coffee and beer (lol).  This round, I've had a lot of stomach discomfort...pretty rough for one week and now I just live in the world of the ho-naus. My reference to the ever present, hovering nausea that has become part of my life. I suppose I'm not super woman. I've heard that second pregnancies tend to be a bit rougher. However, it's nothing I can't take. I love food and coffee too much to let it take over, so I just eat through the nausea and hope for the best. The only thing I haven't handled well has been the fatigue. I feel like I haven't slept in 4 weeks. Partly because I usually drink 3-4 cups of coffee per day and I've had to reduce to only 1 cup. I'm definitely on the upswing, but so very looking forward to feeling like myself again.

I loved the newborn expereince, and I'm really looking forward to going through it again with new eyes. With Bryson, everything was a shock, brand-new, scary. Now, I have experience and I know that most of the time, the answer to my worries is just that she's a baby and babies just cry (hiccup, burp, cry, spit-up, cry, have runny diapers, cry, etc...) and it's not that I'm doing anything wrong.  I have a great support system of my husband and both our parents.  The baby world is so rewarding.

Here we go again!